A poster showing a person with red hair reaching upward

by Tobias Davis

Directed by Callen Harty

Dates: September 5-September 20, 2014
Thursdays: $15
Fridays & Saturdays: $20
Sunday: $15

Nancy is a therapist who specializes in transgender clients. David is a transgender man who needs a letter from a therapist in order to pursue genital surgery. Both of them are taken by surprise when their relationship threatens to expand beyond the boundaries of what is appropriate for a therapist and her client. Meanwhile, Nancy‘s 16 year old “daughter”, Jessica, is beginning to discover his own transgender identity: Jason. When Nancy refuses to accept that her own rhinestone-loving child could be trans, Jason looks for support at the local LGBT youth center and finds a supportive mentor in David. What will happen when Nancy‘s two worlds collide? Standards of Care is a harsh, humorous, and honest exploration of some of the realities that face the trans community.

Talkbacks will be held after some performances with cast members, community leaders, and professionals. Stick around after the performance to participate in a discussion of the play and the issues it presents. Current schedule includes:

  • September 5 - Wayne Gathright
  • September 6 - Dale Decker
  • September 11 - Wayne Gathright
  • September 12 - Dale Decker
  • September 13 - Darla Lannert
  • September 14 - TBD
  • September 18 - Betsy Bazur-Leidy (U.W. Pediatric and Adolescent Transgender Heath Clinic) and Casey Garhart (PFLAG)
  • September 19 - Drs. Brittany Allen and Jennifer Rehm (U.W. Pediatric and Adolescent Transgender Health Clinic) and Darla Lannert

Production crew:
Director- Callen Harty
Producer- James Clayton
Stage Manager- Daniel Jendrzejewski
Scenic Designer- Deborah Hamill
Lighting Designer- Kayla Stelzel
Prop Master- Mel Marcum
Sound Designer- Brian Wild
Costume Designer- Sarah Helms
Makeup and Hair Design- Sarah Krahn
Dramaturge- James Clayton
Technical Director- Reg Mortimer

Heather Jane Farr as Stacy
Loryn Jonelis as Jessica/Jay/Jason
Rowan Calyx as David
Petrovnia McIntosh as Nancy
Cara Shields as Woman
Haley-Brienne Peterson as Waitress

Evjue Stage
Bartell Theatre
113 E Mifflin Street
Madison WI 53703